The Urbanites
  • 出版Mccm Creations
  • 出版語言繁體中文, English
  • 出版日期2013/06
  • 尺寸297mm(W) x 297mm(H)
  • 頁數204頁
  • 裝幀精裝
  • 含外包裝重量1.82kg
  • ISBN9789881521835


The Urbanites

The Urbanites



The photography book features over 80 black-and-white and colour portrait photographs of urbanites by Almond Chu. To name a few, portraits in the collection include renowned film directors Ang Lee and Johnnie To, artists Zhang Xiaogang and Yue Minjun, architects Gary Chang and Rocco Yim, photographers Rong Rong and Inri, writers Ping-kwan Leung and Tan Xue, conductor Perry So, dancer Su Shu and designer Alan Chan who actively participated in Hong Kong’s cultural circles during the period of 1990s and 2000s. Chu searches the simplicity in photography and captures the timelessness and eternity of the figures through portraiture.




1993 年獲亞洲文化協會 ( 美國洛克菲勒基金分會 ) 頒發愛克發基金青年攝影家獎,同年留駐紐約。2004年應德國波恩大學邀請出席Art & Exhibition Hall of Deutschland 所舉辦的國際藝術研討會為主講者之一。2005年創立攝影組織 pH5 攝影連動,致力推動香港藝術攝影文化;2007年創辦及主編《pHi》藝術攝影雜誌。

作品獲香港藝術館、香港文化博物館、廣東美術館、香港大學美術博物館、深圳華.美術館、奧莎畫廊、利希慎基金會、德意志銀行、香港半島酒店、蘭桂坊酒店、國泰航空公司、愛克發吉華 (香港)有限公司及私人收藏家收藏。

Almond Chu

Born in Hong Kong, Almond Chu began his career as a professional photographer and photo-artist in 1986 after graduated from the Tokyo College of Photography. In 1993, he set up his own studio, Almond Chu Photography.

Almond Chu has been invited to exhibit his work in various countries such as Germany, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Besides, his work have been featured in numerous international publications.

In 1993, Almond Chu was awarded Agfa Fellowship Young Photographer Award by Asian Culture Council and stayed in New York at the same year. In 2004, he was invited to become one of the prominent speakers of the International Literary and Aesthetic Symposium organized by Bonn University and the Art & Exhibition Hall of Deutschland, Germany. In 2005, he founded the art photography organisation pH5 Photo Group which focused on promoting art photography in Hong Kong. In 2007, he founded the art photography magazine pHi and was appointed as the editor-inchief.

His works have been collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, OCT Art & Design Gallery Shenzhen, Osage Gallery, Lee Hysan Foundation, Deutsche Bank, The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Hotel LKF, Cathay Pacific Airways, Agfa-Gavert (HK) Ltd and private collectors.