Instant Culture
  • 出版MCCM Creations
  • 出版語言English
  • 出版日期2011/11
  • 尺寸250mm x 160mm
  • 頁數465頁
  • 裝幀精裝
  • 含外包裝重量1.25kg
  • ISBN9789881858481


Instant Culture


「城市動員:BYOB」—2009香港深圳城市\建築雙城雙年展,作為一場盛大而有效的社會動員實驗(甚至預演),並不止於呆板而空洞的模型或展品陳示,而是作為一個公開平臺,讓設計師、策展人、教育者和每位擁有不同創意的市民,展現自己的聲音和獨立性。《INSTANT CULTURE》 記錄了2009年的「城市動員:BYOB」雙城雙年展,及連串論壇、表演和即場活動,一方面詰問過去,另一方面誘導讀者對西九文化區的規劃作大膽想像,並進一步反思及探討城市發展的未來。
As an experiment for the future, West Kowloon Cultural District ‘Bring Your Own Biennale’ (BYOB) is not a frozen, definitive statement comprised of vacant representations of architecture. It is alive with the engagement of the public. As Marisa Yiu writes, “the most significant is the critical role of the individual, our voice and our independence as creative citizens.” A dialogue between two cities of the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the Bi-City Biennale (4 December 2009 to 27 February 2010) provoked and questioned the past to aspire for a unique future.
INSTANT CULTURE is a documentation and an evaluation of the biennale, with collateral debates, events, activities and performative practices in three intensive months. It also envisions possibilities for the West Kowloon Cultural District of Hong Kong and its neighbouring communities.