Hats on the Streets of Tokyo
  • 出版MCCM Creations
  • 出版語言Enhlish / Japanese
  • 出版日期2011/10
  • 尺寸161mm x 188mm
  • 頁數294頁
  • 裝幀精裝
  • 含外包裝重量0.63kg
  • ISBN9789881858337


Hats on the Streets of Tokyo


Hats as a key accessory quickly become an essential fashion feature in urban areas. Hat wearing is also an extension of people’s individuality and is almost a ‘must’ in the Japanese total look.Hat designer Shlomit Yaish was based in Tokyo between 2003-2008, she was constantly stimulated and excited by the manner the Japanese choose to wear hats - how they wear their hats of all shapes and sizes, style themselves, incorporate the latest fashion trends, create their own mix of combinations in the process of hat designing – and how they go about in daily lives. One can hardly envisage a woman’s hat with flowers would turn out to be quite fashionably on a man! These imaginative, sometimes whackyinterpretations of hat fashion were wonderfully captured by Yaishi together with three Tokyo-based photographers in Hats on the Streets of Tokyo.This book is a collection of bright, colorful portraits on the burgeoning and cutting-edge hat culture in Tokyo, Japan – a place where average Japanese purchases three hats per season or six hats per year, putting Japan at the top of the world’s fashion capitals.