Hanzi Graphy
  • 出版Mccm Creations
  • 出版語言英文 English
  • 出版日期2014/05
  • 尺寸150mm(W) x 215mm(H)
  • 頁數224頁
  • 裝幀平裝
  • 含外包裝重量0.62kg
  • ISBN9789881521866


Hanzi Graphy

————a typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese characters


Hanzi graphy is a sincere and in-depth research into both traditional Chinese and Latin type systems — Takagi sees the uniqueness of both systems and presents an extraordinarily accessible and ground-breaking visual formula to connect the two.

The development of the Latin and Chinese writing systems cover an intriguing spectrum of cultures, sociologies and histories, which Hanzi graphy illustrates with unconventional visual references.


Mariko Takagi is a graphic designer and typographer who has been teaching typography at design institutes in Germany and Hong Kong for more than a decade. She has also authored and designed several books: An Invitation for Tea (Eine Einladung zum Tee), Drawing with Sounds (Mit Lauten Malen), and Dear Aliens in Japan 2 – a short introduction for newcomers to Japan (An die Aliens in Japan 2- eine kleine Anleitung für Japananfänger) which touch on her unique German-Japanese cultural background. Inspired by the traditional Chinese characters (hanzi), Takagi now presents Hanzi graphy from a visual communication Akira Kobayashi, the international award-winning type designer perspective.