The Urban Design of Intervention
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  • 出版日期2014/10
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The Urban Design of Intervention

————Imposed and Adaptive Places in Asian Cities


Asia makes up 20 per cent of the planet’s total area, and almost 60 per cent of its population at a density three times the world average. At the same time the asian city is in transition, where diverse settlement patterns and urban forms, are giving way to a surge of commonalities through the dominant forces of globalization. Notwithstanding this, the urban design that we perceive today can be traced back to a range of interventionist processes and influences over the centuries. This requires an understanding of historical, cultural, economic and political dynamics that have created the physical condition of the modern asian city. In this book Peter Cookson Smith discusses such aspects as the conflicts and co-ordinates of heritage; colonizing paradoxes; and the forces that are re-formatting the asian region through forms of capital growth and distinctive spatial patterns. The book documents case studies of twenty primate cities within several geographic regions, around which capitals and port cities came into being, and is accompanied by more than 500 drawings and sketches.


Dr Peter Cookson Smith is an architect, planner and urban designer. He is a consultant with URBIS, the firm he founded in Hong Kong in 1977 – one of the first specialist planning, environmental, landscape and urban design consultancies in South-east Asia. He has directed projects for a wide range of government, private and institutional bodies, and for several years was a Professor in the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong. He is a Past-President of the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and is currently a President-Elect of the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design. He is the author of The Urban Design of Impermanence on Hong Kong (2006) and The Urban Design of Concession on the growth and transformation of the Chinese Treaty Ports (2011).

  • 街道與空間


  • Urban Design of Concession