The non-stop game
  • 出版Homeless
  • 出版語言繁體中文/English
  • 出版日期2007/09
  • 尺寸220mm X 286mm
  • 頁數176頁
  • 裝幀精裝
  • 含外包裝重量1.26kg
  • ISBN9789889770075


The non-stop game


The paintings in this collection were all completed between 2005 - 2007. The time passed by before I realized it. During this time I did the most memorable thing for myself. I chronicled parts of my life through my paintings. 

About three to four years ago, I used to think of myself as a blind fly, flying wherever I wanted to go, and crashing into a variety of colours. 

Two or three months ago, I saw myself as a black sheep among a herd of white sheep. Dipped in black dye, I was unique and beautiful, and liked running into those silly white sheep, turning their fleece into shades of grey. 

A day or two ago, a friend said I was actually more like a pig - lazy and hungry, reaping awards without effort, chubby, just waiting to see when I would be sent to the butchers...Well, whether I am a pig, sheep, or blind fly, there is another me inside - one filled with hope.

Since Lam Tsuen forbade people to throw offerings up the wishing tree, I have been accustomed to drawing my hopes onto wooden boards.

  • Blind fly illustration book (Paper Back)


  • Work In Progress special edition (with sketch book)


  • Work In Progress


  • The record of "black sheep" art exhibition


  • carrie chau's drawing portfolio 2008