RMM Objects DO YOU KNOW? 2014 Calendar


  • 創作者Mr. Blue Whale
  • 品牌RMM
  • 商品類型 On Sale
  • 出品地香港 Hong Kong
  • 尺寸18 x 24 cm
  • 含外包裝重量0.67kg
  • ISBNA3048710
On Sale

原價: HK$250

特價: HK$125


RMM Objects DO YOU KNOW? 2014 Calendar


Inspired by children book, this year we have designed a package for our calendar which looks exactly like a children picture book. In the book you can find 12 monthly calendar cards and the components for the base. All you need to do is to put the monthly calendar cards together in order, and they can form a little 3-D whale. Re-arrange the calendar cards every month and have your own design of calendar!

今年月曆的包裝設計啟發自兒童圖書,打開後你只需把每一頁 die-cut 好的月曆卡如砌圖般整合在一起,便可成為一個立體的鯨魚形狀,每月只要把當月的城市放在前面,你便能擁有 12 個不同設計的立體月曆!

Details: http://calendar.the-readymade.com/2014