Moon OST
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Moon OST

There is something very surprising about the career trajectory of former Pop Will Eat Itself frontman Clint Mansell. Sure, it’s not like Robert Smith joining the Bee-Gees, or Morrissey getting a job in a burger van, but its still unpredicted. There is also something rather joyous about his serendipity. It began with Darren Aronofsky’s PI, the director knowing nothing of Clint’s Poppie past. A recent interview in The Times states that when Aronofsky visited Mansell’s hometown of Stourbridge one Christmas, he was shown a bunch of PWEI videos by Clint’s father. Sat there, full of Birmingham booze and a lop-sided cracker hat, I can imagine that it was quite an eye-opener.

1 Welcome to Lunar Industries 7:11

2 Two Weeks & Counting... 2:00 

3 I'm Sam Bell 3:44

4 I'm Sam Bell, Too... 5:05 

5 Memories (Someone We'll Never Know) 4:52

6 Are You Receiving? 3:17

7 Can't Get There from Here 3:17

8 "We're Not Programs, GERTY, We're People" 5:10

9 The Nursery 3:45

10 Sacrifice 3:03

11 We're Going Home 3:41

12 Welcome to Lunar Industries (Three Year Stretch....) 10:02