Inland Empire OST
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Inland Empire OST


  For the soundtrack to David Lynch's bizarrely fragmented 2006 film INLAND EMPIRE, the maverick writer/director himself contributed a number of compositions, marking a departure from his usual musical collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti. While some Lynch tracks are anchored in pop melody ("Ghost of Love"), others, such as the eerie "Rabbits Theme" and drifting "Call from the Past," are more minimalist ambient numbers. Adding to the eclectic mix are songs by jazz icon Dave Brubeck (the sauntering "Three to Get Ready"), alt-rock hero Beck (the percussive "Black Tambourine"), and soul legend Nina Simone (the lively "Sinnerman"), among others, resulting in a strange yet intriguing collection that mirrors the movie's mystifying narrative.


1. film score: Ghost of Love Inland Empire

2. film score: Rabbits Theme Inland Empire

3. song Colors of My Life

4. film score: Woods Variation Inland Empire

5. for jazz ensemble Three to Get Ready

6. Concert for piano & orchestra

7. for klezmer ensemble, The Secrets of the Life Tree

8. song, The Loco-Motion

9. film score: Call From the Past Inland Empire

10. for orchestra, The Dream of Jacob

11. Work(s): Novelette Conclusion - Excerpt (W. Lutoslawski) / Lisa (J. Altruda) (as used in the film Inland Emp

12. song Black Tambourine

13. film score: Mansion Theme Inland Empire

14. film score: Walkin' on the Sky Inland Empire

15. for piano Polish Night Music No. 1

16. song Colors of My Life

17. spiritual Sinner Man