Jarhead 平頭日記 OST
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Jarhead 平頭日記 OST


  For the soundtrack to his 2005 war film, JARHEAD, director Sam Mendes called upon composer Thomas Newman for an eclectic and inventive set of mood pieces. With an instrumental palette that includes reverse hammer dulcimer, resynthesized flutes, and bowed ukulele, the score is fascinatingly atmospheric and quite unusual, occasionally offering nods to the movie's Middle Eastern setting. Adding even more variety to the album are tracks by artists ranging from T. Rex and Tom Waits to Public Enemy and Bobby McFerrin.


01. Welcome To The Suck
02. Raining Oil
03. Battery Run
04. Mirage Bedouin
05. Don’t Worry Be Happy
06. No Standard Solution
07. 8 Men 5 Camels
08. Full Chemical Gear
09. Unsick Most Ricky Tick
10. Morning Glory
11. Bang A Gong [Get It On]
12. Desert Storm
13. Desert Sunrise
14. Zoomies
15. Horse
16. Pink Mist
17. Jarhead For Life
18. O.P.P.
20. Permission To Fire
21. Dead Anyway
22. Scuds
23. Listen Up
24. Fight The Power
25. Soldier’s Things