This Will Destroy You/ Another Language (Limited Ed.) LP
  • 演出者This Will Destroy You
  • 商品類型 LP
  • 出品地USA
  • 語言英文
  • 碟數2
  • 格式VINYL
  • 含外包裝重量0.55kg
  • ISBN803238013213


This Will Destroy You/ Another Language (Limited Ed.) LP


     Since 2004, This Will Destroy You has been forging some of the world's most brutal, dynamic, and precariously visceral instrumental rock. In addition to a vigorous tour schedule, their celebrated discography and critically renowned soundtrack work for feature films and documentaries have earned them a sizable and fervent international following. Another Language, TWDY's fourth full length LP, marks their euphonious return from a prolonged vacuous dark period that threatened to break both the band and the members themselves. Rather than be stifled by their experience TWDY were atomized and subsequently made anew, emerging with a revived energy and reinforced sense of solidarity. As a result, Another Language captures the band at its most potent, honed, and utterly powerful form yet, displaying an edified unity and graduated sense of song-writing, tonal complexity, and studio prowess.


01. New Topia
02. Dustism
03. Serpent Mound
04. War Prayer
05. The Puritan
06. Mother Opiate
07. Invitation
08. Memory Loss
09. God's Teeth