Lambchop / OH (Ohio)
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Lambchop / OH (Ohio)

Ten albums into a 22-year career and Nashville alt country collective Lambchop are sounding increasingly like a band with diminishing returns. They're stuck on repeat and waiting for the odd wave of critical recognition to wash over them. The last one was in 2000: the year they released the hugely popular, but stylistically similar Nixon LP. And while fans of that and subsequent work will find much to love here, the so-low-key-as-to-be-almost-invisible approach is now wearing thin.

1. Ohio
2. Slipped Dissolved and Loosed
3. I'm Thinking of a Number
4. National Talk Like a Pirate Day
5. A Hold of You
6. Jr. Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King
7. Of Raymond
8. Please Rise
9. Popeye
10. Close Up and Personal
11. I Believe in You