A Company/ Ferry, Minibus and the Lorry CD
  • 出品地Hong Kong
  • 碟數1
  • 格式CD
  • 含外包裝重量0.09kg
  • ISBND3011659


A Company/ Ferry, Minibus and the Lorry CD


There are three kinds of transportation in the album, which actually divided the sound into 3 themes. The first part “ferry” features a laid-back holiday mood. The album quickly moves forward into the second theme of minibus, up-beat and jumpy, will surely keep people dancing. In the end, the band presents once again another surprise – the lorry. Covered up in the compartment you will never find out what is inside and it is truly worthy for you to explore how multi-talented the band is in terms of music variation.

全碟以三種交通工具劃分,第一部分《ferry》散發著法式悠閒情調,第二部分,以登上《minibus》“亡命小巴”的感覺帶來高速節拍,換上了另一段刺激行程。 最後,樂隊以一輛《lorry》為聽眾送上一個神秘盒子,也再一次展現了樂隊音樂上的多變可能性。


     01    Ferry, minibus and the lorry
     02    Cicada’s dream
     03    Sentimental summer
     04    A trip to fly
     05    My flying elephant
     06    Playground
     07    Hello Mr. king
     08    Auntie Miller
     09    Petit prince
     10    Sesame tree
     11    Waltz of diary
     12    Black swan’s lullaby
     13    I remember the time when I was smelling at the cool white moon on your motorbike