August 2018
  • 活動日期2018.8.2 - 2018.8.30
  • 時間11:30 - 22:00
  • 地點kubrick
  • 查詢2384 8929


SOME NEAR. SOME FAR photography exhibition 「或遠 .或近」攝影展


前言 (Please scroll down for english)

《Some Near. Some Far》這書裡藏著一鼓愛的力量,不僅紀錄了我的香港之旅,更是一個關 於自我反思的旅程。以下為一系列在香港拍攝的菲林相片集,拍攝於2014至2018年間。這是 一個關於對比的故事,也是對低收入人仕的致敬。這是關於被遺忘的事物和被遺忘的人。這是清晨,深夜,以及介於兩者之間的一切。當中作品主要為彩色,而其中也有少數為黑白色的照片。


場 地 ︱ kubrick(九龍油麻地眾坊街3號駿發花園H2地舖)
日 期 ︱ 2-30/08/2018
時 間 ︱ 11:30 - 22:00

◼︎ 新書發佈會 ◼︎ 
︱ 2018.8.16 ︱ 19:30 - 21:00 ︱
場 地 ︱ kubrick @百老匯電影中心一樓講廳

◤ 價目表 ◢
《或遠‧或近》攝影集 400HKD / 本
攝影作品(不含框架) 800HKD / 張

※ 如欲購買,請向書店店員查詢。


❑ 關於攝影師

Gideon de Kock是一名駐香港的南非攝影師。

作為街頭攝影師,他深深地被低收入人仕、當地街頭生活,以及居住在其中的人們所吸引著 透過較詼諧的方式來接觸街頭攝影,他期望能藉此為世界各角落增添一點光茫,使大家能多 關注那些不甚顯眼但卻有趣的人、事和物Gideon曾在南非和香港分別舉辦過團體和個人展 覽,並在本地和國際上曾出版各種印刷刊物與書藉。

作為一名居住在香港的外藉人仕,他選擇了與大部份居港外國人不一樣的既定生活模式。而 Gideon那敢於探索的好奇心,促使他透過另一個角度來了解香港。

《Some Near. Some Far》是他的首本個人攝影集,收輯了Gideon於2014至2018年間在香港 拍攝的一系列35mm菲林照片。

Instagram: Gideondk1
網站: www.gideondekock.com
電郵: gideondekock@yahoo.co.uk



“Some Near. Some Far has been a labour of love, and not only a journey through Hong Kong, but a journey of self-reflection. Here is a collection of film photographs taken in Hong Kong between 2014 and 2018. It’s a story about contrasts, and a tribute to the underdog. It’s about forgotten things and forgotten people. It’s early mornings, late nights and everything in-between. It’s mostly colour and a bit of black and white.

It’s pure and honest Hong Kong.”

Venue ︱ kubrick(Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei, Kln, Hong Kong)
Date ︱ 2-30/08/2018
Time ︱ 11:30 - 22:00

◼︎ Book Launch◼︎ 
︱ 2018.8.16 ︱ 19:30 - 21:00 ︱
Venue ︱ kubrick @1/F, Broadway Cinematheque

◤ Price List ◢
Some Near. Some Far 400HKD / each
Unframed photography 800HKD / each

※ For purchase, please refer to the staff at the bookshop.


❑ about the artist

Gideon de Kock is a South African photographer based in Hong Kong.

He is a street photographer drawn toward the underdog, street life, and the people who inhabit this collective space. With a tongue-in-cheek approach to street photography, he hopes to shine some much-needed light on parts of the world that go unnoticed. Gideon has had both group and solo exhibitions in South Africa and Hong Kong, and has been published in various print publications locally and internationally.

As a foreigner in Hong Kong it may seem odd that he shys away from the stereotypical expat lifestyle, but his passion for learning trumps his desire for familiarity.

Some Near. Some Far is his first solo print debut and is a compilation of 35mm film
photographs shot in Hong Kong from 2014–2018.

Instagram: Gideondk1
Website: www.gideondekock.com
E-mail: gideondekock@yahoo.co.uk