Tartuensis Classic Reused Hardback Notebook




Tartuensis Classic Reused Hardback Notebook


尺寸Size: 13cm (W) x 20.5cm (H)

Tartuensis Classic notebooks are one of a kind, made with love & passion from leftover or recycled materials. At www.tartuensis.com you can read all about the notebooks, about the people making them and the community that selling these products supports. Do pay us a visit!

We call the series Tartuensis in homage to our home town and one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe, Universitatis Tartuensis — The University of Tartu. From K. E. von Baer, who discovered the ovum in mammals to Y. Lotman, the founder of Soviet (Tartu-Moscow) school in semiotics, Tartu has been the meeting point of great minds since 1632. We intend to keep it that way.

This Tartuensis notebook has the following characteristics:

Title: Inimene ja delfiin (Estonian: Man and Dolphin)
Cover material: paper
Dimensions: 130 x 205 x 16 mm (5,12" x 8,07" x 0,63")
Contents: Holmen Book 70*, 88 sheets (176 pages), stitched
Weight: 238 g