Bird card (dishwasher)




Bird card (dishwasher)


尺寸Size: 10.8cm (W) x 14.6cm (H)

horizontal when you open the card / : Product specifications
Hiroshi envelope / 11 × horizontal 16cm / Made in Japan
Tobidasutori of tolyl Yukawa Atsuko : Product Description
In your home veranda of Yukawaatsuko 's , birds aimed at food dish that out of the cage freely , quite surreal sight had waged .
The birdcage cultural house of Showa , gable roof I have cut the wire of the side walls . As a bonus , a small viewing window is not opened the shoji door facing the veranda , so as not to put stress on the birds , it 's based on the idea that it can be observed to one's heart's content .

He graduated from the busy office worker life , in 1997 , Mr. Yukawa chose the road to independence as an illustrator . Illustrations of flora and fauna that Mr. Yukawa really shines is has been sustained gaze stare politely properly , the life of these day-to-day .
That is why beyond that it is a mere miniatures , are allowed to store up calm distinctive .

Depicted on the cover of the card of two -folded , it is a bird that is perched resting their wings . However , the mechanism Tobidasutori bird that pops out when you open the card . Yukawa , who say, " There is a characteristic pattern or appearing for the first time when I flying bird , and but . Want to express it in fact it also want to draw me , I love the figure of a bird is not flying ," and is , meet on their own to their needs I tried to .