May 2016
  • 活動日期2016.5.1-31
  • 時間11:30am - 10:00pm
  • 地點油麻地 kubrick
  • 語言繁/簡中文、英文、德文


意圖對話 — 三語三地海報回顧展 Graphic dialogue— A trilateral posters’ retrospect




「意圖對話 —— 三語三地海報回顧展」

「Graphic dialogue — A trilateral posters’ retrospect」

「Grafischer Dialog — Rückblick auf eine trilaterale Plakatausstellung」


“We are the people”——如果要為近幾年的社會下一個命題,也許就是這個了吧。自信滿滿地確立自己的社會身份,宣告對社會的參與,我們是人民、我們便是社會;但這響噹噹的口號,不也正是我們所需要反問自己的:我們是怎樣的人民(people)?我們想成為怎樣的大眾呢?「我們」又代表了什麼?


“Wir sind das Volk”——1989年,東德城市萊比錫發起了一連串後來稱為週一示威(Monday Demonstration)的和平抗議。萊比錫的人們當中最著名的口號便是「Wir sind das Volk!」(We are the people!),提醒當權者:德意志民主共和國的真正管治者是人民大眾。二十五年後,歐亞大陸的另一端,相似的情況鬧在香港哄哄地上演。雨傘運動揭開了一系列民間力量積極參與社會、權力運作的浪潮,無論是社會論壇、社交媒體、流行文化甚至選舉,大眾的角色往往是討論焦點。兩個城市,兩段歷史,經歷了相似的社會運動,提出了相近的訴求,萊比錫與香港,可以構成一個怎樣的雙城故事?


對照著兩個城市巧合的經歷與宣言,在2014年10月,十五個來自德國、香港與中國的設計師為此而參與了於萊比錫舉行,名為「意圖對話」(Graphic Dialogue)的海報展,以海報設計分享他們對社會的觀察。兩年前他們(或我們)是如此作答,然而兩年過去,今日呢?你改變了嗎?你有新想法嗎?「意圖對話」海報展今日終來到香港,願你和我和這個城市好好回顧過去兩年,思惟當中轉變(或不變)於我們的意義。





Graphic dialogue 

A trilateral posters’ retrospect 

“We are the people”—if there is any theme prevailing in our society in the last few years, it is going to be the one. It is a confident statement we finally able to speak out instead of shy away from, but isn’t it also an interesting question to ourselves: what kind of people are we? What kind of people we want to be? What “we” actually stand for?


“Wir sind das Volk”—back to the East Germany in 1989, Leipzig, one of an influential cities behind the Iron Curtain, used excessively the propaganda slogan “Wir sind das Volk” (We are the people) in Monday Demonstrations, reminding the ruling party that they should be the real people to rule the republic. 25 years later, on the other side of the continent, Hong Kong experienced something similar: since the Umbrella Movement we were eager to (and learnt to) assert ourselves, by public discussion, by creative projects, by popular culture, by election and so on. Two different cities, from two different time, they both advocate and demonstrate the same statement “We are the people” in a very similar type of social movement. Leipzig and Hong Kong, as if a new Tale of Two cites.


It is why on the October 2014, out of the cities’ parallel incidents, 15 designers from Germany, Hong Kong and China would like to share their views over this statement by a poster exhibition, Graphic dialogue, in Leipzig. But how about now? Do you still think the same? How do you change? Where are you heading to then? By bringing the exhibition back to Hong Kong today, we wish to have a chance to retrospect to the past 2 years, to initial a city review in you and me and everyone we know.


[Graphic dialogue is a trilingual cooperation project and poster exhibition first held in Leipzig, Germany on Oct 2014. In the time Leipzig was celebrating the 25th anniversary of Germany reunion followed by its peaceful revolution in 1989, Hong Kong was undergoing the outbreak of Umbrella Movement. Through the exhibition, a group of Leipzig-based designers would like to make use of the city’s significant historical context to resonate with the social discussion on the other side of the world: the identity of Hong Kong and her relationship with China.]







展期 date : 2016.5.1-31

時間 time : 11:30am - 10:00pm

場地 venue : Café+ Kubrick

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