David Boring / Unnatural Objects and Their Humans CD
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David Boring / Unnatural Objects and Their Humans CD



光天化日下的荒謬與邪惡,懶洋洋地蠶食著常理; 所有人都是受害者,每個人都是加害者。

DAVID BORING的第一張錄音室大碟以三大主軸、十二個章節構成一道窺探現代社會

異像的草蛇灰線。取名為「Unnatural Objects And Their Humans」,專輯的概念建基於三大主軸 —「The Machine」、「Unnatural Objects」和「Their Humans」之上。 「The Machine」是一個母體,孕育著現代異托邦運行的潛規則; 「Unnatural Objects」審視異化社會中種種荒唐異象及其意識形態; 「Their Humans」以物化人類為切入點,寫實探討人性本質的醜陋和腐敗。



<> 音樂/監製:David Boring

錄音/混音:Jay Tse @ Life Was All Silence

母帶製作:Garrett Haines (Treelady Studio, Pittsburg, PA)


樂隊簡介( Eng version available below)

DAVID BORING在2013年成立於香港, 團名取自美國的異色漫畫“David Boring”,樂風受朋克、後朋克、無浪潮 (No Wave) 和工業噪音等音樂元素影響。我們以音樂作催化劑,讓你肆意沉淪,享受世界的崩壞;以極具侵略性的現場演出誘發不安和恐懼。骯髒的實驗噪音交織著焦躁的男女聲獨白和吶喊,勾勒出一個既壓抑又瘋狂、既荒唐又真實的異托邦。



The music of DAVID BORING is a series of masochistic celebrations that address the obscene and nihilistic natures of modern life. Formed in 2013, Hong Kong, the band is named after the unlikely hero from American cult classic graphic novel David Boring. Musical influences of the band include punk, post-punk, noise, no-wave and industrial. Signatured with their dirty, experimental noise, male-female interlacing spoken words and the occasionally violent live performances, DB explores the murky modernity with a brutal postmodern skepticism, creating a dark, borderline claustrophobic world that either excites or traumatizes.

DAVID BORING is Laujan (vocal), Jason Cheung (guitar), Stan Chik (drums), Yat-Wa Cheng (guitar) and Panicube (bass).


Everything is beautiful and everywhere hurts.

Everyone's a victim.

Everything is boring.

DAVID BORING’s debut studio album is titled “Unnatural Objects and Their Humans”. Structured to tell a sequence of stories representing the oppressed young humans in this slowly decaying modern world, The album builds on three main arcs - “The Machine”, “Unnatural Objects” and “Their Humans”.

The Machine” is the womb that breeds, governs and drives the dystopia that slowly takes form. The womb provides. “Unnatural objects” denotes the normalized absurdities that blossomed under a cheerfully toxic environment. “Their Humans” looks dispassionately at a series of (objectified) protagonists and their futile attempts to survive.

The three arcs intertwine to form a 12-act piece that paints a violently nihilistic picture, mapping the band's intricate psyche in response to the gentle malice of the modern world.

The album is presented in the form of a hardcover booklet, meticulously put together by the band themselves. Filled with graphical keynotes and texts, it serves as a manual that narrates and amplifies the band's controlled insanity.

Band info

Band name: DAVID BORING Year of establishment: 2013

Genre: Noise / Post-punk Location: Hong Kong

Line-up: Laujan (vocal), Jason Cheung (guitar), Stan Chik (drums), Cheng Yat Wa (guitar), Panicube (bass)


<> Music by DAVID BORING

Produced by DAVID BORING Recorded and mixed by Jay Tse

@ Life Was All Silence

Mastered by Garrett Haines (Treelady Studio, Pittsburg, PA)

Track list:

1. Chapter 0

2. Smog

3. Brian Emo

4. Machine#1

5. Loosefuck

6. Men

7. Machine#2

8. Susie Exciting

9. I Can’t

10. Another Soul

11. Suicide Pop

12. Newborn Porn