Meet Te Hitlers (2016)
  • 導演Matthew Ogens
  • 主演Gene Hitler, Romano Hitler, Emily Hittler
  • 電影類型 德國電影
  • 出品地美國
  • 語言 英語
  • 字幕 未定義
  • 年份2016
  • 片長84 MINS分鐘
  • 碟數1
  • 格式DVD
  • 區碼DVD一區
  • 含外包裝重量0.12kg
  • ISBN829567115428


Meet Te Hitlers (2016)

Meet Te Hitlers


Meet the Hitlers is a feature documentary that examines the relationship between names and identity, by exploring the lives of people who are linked by the name 'Hitler.' The film raises important questions about the meaning of names, and explores complex issues like immigration, racism and tolerance. Yet it's ultimately a character-driven story, offering an intimate portrait of its subjects, whose reactions to their name span the spectrum of human experience, from tragedy to comedy, and heartbreak to hope.