That Man from Rio / Up to His Ears DVD
  • 導演Philippe de Broca
  • 主演Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Servais
  • 電影類型 法國電影
  • 出品地france
  • 語言 法語
  • 字幕 英語
  • 年份1964
  • 片長112mins 104mins分鐘
  • 碟數2
  • 格式DVD
  • 區碼DVD一區
  • 含外包裝重量0.17kg
  • ISBN741952780892


That Man from Rio / Up to His Ears DVD

That Man from Rio / Up to His Ears DVD


That Man From Rio, was filmed on site in Brazil. The beginning of the film was shot in Paris, France. The film is about a young woman played by Francoise Dorleac, whose father has passed away and she is put in care of her uncle. The girl's father, who was an anthropologist, once with a group of his colleagues unearthed in Amazonian forest three mysterious statutes that belonged to extinct indigenous tribe. The statutes hold a powerful secret and certain group of people wants to have them in their possession. Belmondo plays the girl's boyfriend who is on leave from the army. When the girl gets kidnapped, Belmondo hitches a plane ride to Brazil to find her and rescue her...he does not know what adventure he is in for. Francoise Dorleac, who plays key female role in the film, was the older sister of the famous French star Catherine Deneuve. Francoise died in a tragic car accident in 1967, she was 25 years old.

Up to His Ears, entirely filmed in Asia (Malaysia, China, India, and Nepal) revolves around a rich guy Arthur (Belmondo) who lives on a lavish boat together with his loyal butler, Chinese psychic, fiancé, and soon to be mother-in-law with her boyfriend. Arthur is unhappy with his life, and he wants to kill himself. The mother-in-law is in favor of him killing himself so that she can inherit all the money with her daughter. She is willing do anything to make Arthur disappear