French Screen Icons - Jean-Paul Belmondo 3 (4 Disc Set)
  • 導演Georges Lautner Jacques Deray Philippe De Broca
  • 主演Jean Paul Belmondo
  • 電影類型 法國電影
  • 語言 法語
  • 字幕 英語
  • 片長382分鐘
  • 碟數4
  • 格式DVD
  • 區碼DVD四區
  • 含外包裝重量0.20kg
  • ISBN9322225076136


French Screen Icons - Jean-Paul Belmondo 3 (4 Disc Set)

French Screen Icons - Jean-Paul Belmondo 3 (4 Disc Set)


The Professional:
French secret agent Joss Baumont is sent to Africa to assassinate president Njala. However, at the last moment the political situation changes and the French secret service turns Baumont in to the African authorities. After a long imprisonment, Baumont stages a daring escape and returns to France, deliberately informing his former office of his presence, while swearing to carry out the assassination for which he was imprisoned for so long...

The Outside Man:
Jordan enjoys living on the edge - that fine margin between glory and disaster where only the brave tread. "The Outside Man" is the admired chief of the Marseilles narcotic squad, the sworn enemy of Mecacci, a crook with friends in high places who sees Jordan as an irritating nuisance. After Jordan busts an important drug shipment, the tension between Mecacci and Jordan heats up, and a strange chase through the seedy back alleys and subculture haunts of the underworld begins...

The Loner:
Commissioner Stan Jalard takes in his godson after the boy's father, who is also Stan's police partner, is brutally murdered. In this action-filled thriller, Belmondo kicks, punches and shoots his way to justice, as only he knows how.

A UFO has just landed on Earth somewhere in the midst of a rainforest. Margot, the enthusiastic young woman heading up the research team, decides to go to the spot and check out this phenomenon. Meanwhile Edouard studies the flora and fauna of the tree tops in the rainforest, perching on an enormous net that stretches over the unadulterated forest that spreads out beneath him. Discovering a twelve-year old girl seated on the net, he asks her where she comes from, to which she quickly replies, in perfect French, "from another world."...