How to Avoid a Lightning Strike: 190 Essential Life Skills
  • 出版Ivy Press
  • 出版語言English
  • 出版日期2014/09/15
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How to Avoid a Lightning Strike: 190 Essential Life Skills

Its an urban jungle out there, and if its not the survival of the fittest, its certainly the survival of the most practical. But hows a boy or girl supposed to learn lifes essential practicalities in these days of hustle, bustle, and laid-back parenting? How to Avoid Being Struck By Lightning is the solution. Its a mentor, a tutor, a driving instructor, a mom, a dad, a grandparent, a scout instructor, and a coach rolled into one. Dividing life into four sections, and then subdividing its challenges into manageable chapters, its the most practical manual on the planet, offering step-by-step guides to the essential skills required for every practical challenge. If theyre not essential theyre not here. If they are, they are.
Nic Compton is a writer/photographer specialising in sailing - but with a keen interest in environmental issues. After an idyllic childhood on boats in the Mediterranean, he returned to the UK at age 14 to complete his formal education, including in a degree in English with American & Commonwealth Arts at Exeter University. After a decade or so working as a journeyman shipwright, he studied Journalism at City University, eventually fetching up at the offices of Classic Boat magazine in land-locked Croydon. He was deputy editor and then editor of the magazine from 1996 to 2000. That was when he gave up the security of the monthly pay packet for the vagaries of freelance life. Since then he has travelled the world as a writer/photographer, contributing to a variety of magazines, and has written 14 books mostly about boats. He recently completed an MA in Global Political Economy at Sussex University, and co-wrote two books about economics. He currently lives in Brighton, UK, from where he sails a 25ft Cheverton Caravel. More information at