Papa's Forest Bus
  • 出版MCCM Creaions
  • 出版語言繁體中文/English
  • 出版日期2007
  • 尺寸300mm x 205mm
  • 頁數44頁
  • 裝幀精裝
  • 含外包裝重量0.52kg
  • ISBN9789889865337


Papa's Forest Bus


Ken's Papa is a bus driver. One evening, his beagle dog Diagoro told Ken about his Papa's secret mission - taking animals on the Forest Bus to an annual reunion at the Forest Terminus. Animal passengers were all prepared for the momentous date with delight. Throughout the forest journey, Ken began to realise Papa has been entrusted to a crucial task which is important to the animals. Find out what happens to Ken’s forest journey. A book for kids who love buses and animals adventures.


The moment Greenose Zazaki first picked up a pencil, at the age of three, he loved to draw. Working as a grown-up in Silicon Valley for 4 years was a long and unfulfilling distraction. He became happier a few years ago when he rediscovered his joy of children's books, especially the way they bond child and parent. Papa's Forest Bus, his very first picture book, blends digital media and hand-drawn illustrations. Greenose Zazaki also creates on Konnichi Meoto Zenzai, a popular blog: