cacao 可口 Vol.8
  • 出版可口智造
  • 出版語言繁體中文, English
  • 出版日期2012/09
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cacao 可口 Vol.8


Cacao : Consciousness of Time


赫爾辛基,2012 年設計之都。總以為該好好地穿越此都,探探北歐設計之美好,然而芬蘭建築師與地景藝術家Marco Casagrande卻說,「一切的形狀、一切戲劇、一切的光、一切的空間… 如果你真心希望看見芬蘭設計的精髓,請走進森林裡。」 於是我們走入了森林中,卻因著斯堪地那維亞夏季之白夜帶來理智情感錯亂五官神魂賁張,就再也看不見那文創產業之總總,只看見那無從捉摸無法測度的悠悠時 光,如迷霧般,飄蕩在樹與樹之深鬱與曦亮間。

Helsinki is the design city of 2012.I am anxious to take a good look at this city to discover the beauty of Scandinavia. Yet architects of Finland and landscape artist, Marco Casagrande, both said, “If you truly want to see the essence of design in Finland, you need to go into the forest to experience the shape, the drama, the light, and the space.” (Note 1) Thus, we walk into the forest.The white in Scandinavian’s summer night brings confusion between rationality and emotion that waves our mind away from seeing the cultural creation.The only element that catches the mind is the unsearchable time floating in between the trees like fog.



每一期,我們直送無國界創意產業人士的熱燙觀點,獨家呈現 。



This is a revolutionary newsletter about dream and frustration, about depression and courage.
This is a solid book about people, knowledge and trend.
This is a wow recipe for the future generation to get creative nutrition.

Every issue, we introduce a theme, a city and twelve creative people from that city.
Every issue, we invite academic and professional talents from different fields to discuss about the core concepts from their expertise.
Every issue, we present the hottest, most exclusive viewpoints of people from creative industries without limit.

The theme of our first issue is Bohemia, which also serves as the core spirit of our magazine.
Bohemia is not a representation of a location nor a time, but it is an attitude that exsists everywhere.
Through our magazine, we want to bring courage, to inspire thinking and to induce action to those who have lost their dreams and passion in everyday life.

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