kubrick ArtPick officially launched!

kubrick has been involving in local arts and cultural scene for 15 years and is based at Broadway Cinematheque in Yau Ma Tei. We slowly become a multi-cultural convergent point combining arts, books, food, movies and publishing. Starting in 2002, kubrick endeavour to expand and support local artists and their works. These include writers, illustrators, photographers, poets, singers working in different elements to show their best. 

kubrick ArtPick established in 2016, we strive for building a platform to exchange creative ideas, promote local arts and cultural scenes. We will also work more closely with local artists and writers to launch a series of events and exhibitions, in order to develop another ways to explore a new horizon on the local culture.


2016年成立kubrick ArtPick,我們將更專注建構藝術交流平台,推廣本土藝術及文化產業,更進一步與本土藝術家、作家攜手參加不同的展覽活動,開拓更新的發展空間,開啟本土文化的新一頁。


kubrick ArtPick joins 2016 Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

kubrick ArtPick is glad to become one of the participants in the prestigious Affordable Art Fair this year. We are happy to introduce the works of three local gifted artists, Chan Wai Kwong, wongszechit and OldFlower Ali at the fair. All three are markly distinct in background and style, using unique colours and strokes. These definitely induce serene yet joyful vitality in their works.

kubrick ArtPick很高興成為2016  Affordable Art Fair 個國際享負盛名的藝術展覽香港站的參展畫廊之一是次kubrick ArtPick喜能在Affordable Art Fair 的展場內代表3具潛質本土藝術家 -- 陳偉江、黃思哲和OldFlower Ali 呈現他們的作品他們背景各異而且風格獨特各自以不一樣的溫度和色彩於作品中散發著令人靜靜地雀躍起來的生命力


Artists With Us

    Chan Wai Kwong was born in Hong Kong in 1976. He left school at an early age and began to publish his works in 2010. Today Chan has self-published fifteen photography books.




    OldFlower Ali was born in Hong Kong and educated in the UK,an Indian descendant with 100% Chinese appearance. After graduating from London Middlesex University, Ali practiced as an interior designer and later joined Hong Kong Commercial Radio to work as a DJ, while simultaneously continued to create art on regular basis and had published in UK’s INKLING comic monthly, SPEAK EASY comic journal, HK CITY magazine, MAGPAPER and etc.




    wongszechit was born in 1985 and had travelled in Europe for two years. He had illustrated for several fictions and designed posters for underground concerts. In 2013, he had his first solo exhibition, In mist. His illustration work Stone in Mist was chosen by Osaka International Media Library, Japan’s independent publication library in 2013 as a permanent collection.