The Palestine-Israel Conflict
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The Palestine-Israel Conflict

————A Basic Introduction


The Palestine-Israel conflict is the most notorious and ingrained conflict of the twentieth, and now twenty-first, century. Yet the way it is reported in the media is often confusing, leading many to assume the hostilities stretch back to an ancient period.

The Palestine-Israel Conflict Third Edition is the first book to provide a clear, accessible, and annotated introduction that covers the full history of the regionAn indispensable, basic introduction., from Biblical times until today. Perfect for the general reader, as well as students, it offers a comprehensive yet lucid rendering of the conflict, setting it in its proper historical context. Harms and Ferry show how today's violence is very much a product of recent history, with its roots in the twentieth century.

This balanced account is now fully up to date, including the ongoing situation in Gaza, making it a valuable resource for anyone who wants a clear guide to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories, and its place in the history of Middle Eastern affairs.


Gregory Harms is an independent scholar specializing in American foreign policy and the Middle East. He lectures, keeps a blog on Facebook, and has published articles on CounterPunch, Truthout, and Mondoweiss. Harms has traveled throughout Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, and has been interviewed on BBC Radio.

His first book, The Palestine-Israel Conflict: A Basic Introduction, 3rd ed. (Pluto Press, 2012), as the title suggests, is a brief and general summary of the conflict, written for students and the general reader. The first edition (2005) was selected as a Choice Oustanding Academic Title.

Harms's second book, Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East (Pluto Press, 2010), is an examination of US regional policy in the context of US-Israeli relations. And his third title, It's Not about Religion (Perceval Press, 2012), addresses the common question of religion concerning Middle Eastern instability.


Todd M. Ferry has a graduate degree in Near Eastern archaeology from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. He spent several years excavating in Israel and North America and now writes and teaches high school history in Chicago.