Richard Jobson-Ten-thirty on a Summer Night CD
  • 演出者Richard Jobson
  • 商品類型 減價品
  • 出品地EU
  • 語言Eng
  • 碟數1
  • 格式CD
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  • ISBN5024545335729


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Richard Jobson-Ten-thirty on a Summer Night CD


Compilation of 2 spoken word albums Ten-Thirty on a Summer Night and An Afternoon in Company plus some bonus tracks. Track 16, "Aragon", is not mentioned on the cover. The track "Hollow Men", A7 on the original LP-release of "An Afternoon in Company", is not included in this compilation...."since the publishers of T.S. Eliot's poem "The Hollow Men" objected to Richard's rendition (backed by Paul Haig), and the album was hurriedly withdrawn...." Unlike the presentation on the frontcover and on the original LP-release the title "Ten-Thirty On A Summer Night" is written as "10.30 On A Summer Night" on spine, CD and backcover of this compilation. Released under licence from Les Disques Du Crepuscule. Made in EU. Made in the UK (from CD mould).


Tracklist On A Summer Night 1 The Hotel 2 The End Of The Storm 3 The Meeting 4 The Road To Madrid 5 The Kiss, The Dance And The Death An Afternoon In Company 6 Autumn 7 The Return To England 8 Auden 9 The Pyrenees 10 Verbier 11 The Rhur Valley 12 Savannah 13 Jericho 1 14 Meditation 15 Oran 16 Aragon 17 Jericho 2 18 Dignity 19 Mount Fuji Bonus Track 20 Days In The Trees An Afternoon In Company 21 The End Of An Era Bonus Tracks 22 Under The Rain Clouds 23 Day Breaks 24 Avalanche 25 The Happiness Of Lonely