George/Polyserena & Unity 2CD
  • 演出者George Polyserena
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  • 出品地Australia
  • 語言English
  • 碟數2
  • 格式CD
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  • ISBN9397603391927


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George/Polyserena & Unity 2CD


The band recorded the album in Byron Bay during 2003. The album was produced by David Nicholas assisted by Justin Tresidder. Melbourne composer Paul Grabowsky also assisted with orchestral and horn arrangements. Bassist Paulie Bromley said on the band's web site that the album reflects the band's growth since their first album Polyserena: Polyserena was us learning how to make a record, Unity was making that record.


"Falling Inside" (Katie Noonan) "Still Real" (Katie Noonan) "One" (Tyrone Noonan, Nick Stewart) "Beauty of All Things" (Tyrone Noonan) "Captive" (Katie Noonan) "Today" (Tyrone Noonan) "Fall" (Katie Noonan) "Fortunate Smile" (Tyrone Noonan) "Change" (Tyrone Noonan, Nick Stewart, Geoff Green, Paulie Bromley) "Jaded" (Katie Noonan) "Surrender" (Katie Noonan, Paulie Bromley, Martin Challis) "Growing With Love" (Tyrone Noonan)