The First Man
  • 出版社Penguin
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  • 出版日期 (格式: 2012/02/28)2013/10/31
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The First Man


For Jacques Cormery, a journey to his native Algiers brings a wave of memories that forces him to confront his past.  He recalls his poverty-stricken, fatherless childhood, running wild with other soccer-mad boys under the hot African sun.  And he remembers the inspiring teacher who gave him a love for learning that took him out of one life and introduced him to another filled with books.  Now a grown man living in France, Jacques must ask himself: where does he belong?  Which side of the Mediterranean should he call home?

Discovered unfinished after Camus' death, The First Man is his most autobiographical novel – a rich evocation of place that gives profound insights into his life and work.

Albert Camus was born in Algeria in 1913. His childhood was poor, although not unhappy. He studied philosophy at the University of Algiers, and became a journalist as well as organizing the Théâtre de l'équipe, a young avant-garde dramatic group. His early essays were collected in L'Envers et l'endroit (The Wrong Side and the Right Side) and Noces (Nuptials). He went to Paris, where he worked on the newspaper Paris Soir before returning to Algeria. His play, Caligula, appeared in 1939. His first two important books, L'Etranger (The Outsider) and the long essay Le Mythe de Sisyphe (The Myth of Sisyphus), were published when he returned to Paris.