Sidetracked Volume 01
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  • 出版日期 (格式: 2012/02/28)2014
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Sidetracked Volume 01


This first edition of our printed journal features extraordinary men and women who head to the very ends of the Earth in search of inspiration and their own limits; from paragliding across barren lands, cycling over the Andes, freediving with sharks, deep cave exploration to high altitude climbing (just for starters).

Here’s an extract from the Foreword written by Al Humphreys with a few more details.

“This brand new magazine swirls around the world, across land, sea and air. It takes us underground, underwater, and soaring high up into the sky. Extraordinary men and women head to the very ends of the Earth in search of inspiration and their own limits. And Sidetracked brings their stories home to us, curated in these beautiful pages.

Cass Gilbert takes us cycling over the Andes with his fine photography and fabulous combination of dirtbag camping and the spontaneous hospitality so appreciated by anyone who has travelled in the remote parts of the world, out in ‘El Silencio’ – that feeling of vast, still emptiness that I hold so precious from my own travels.

James Bowden induces lip-smacking envy with his tales of campfire lobster feasts down under whilst Paul Mackrill induces anything but envy (at least not from this slightly wimpy correspondent) with his impressive, frightening account of cave exploration a kilometre down underground. I have filed that piece away under ‘Adventure to Enjoy Vicariously – do not try this at home’. Kenton Cool shares a thought-provoking account of the costs as well as the rewards of high risk adventure.

Mark Gillett’s piece, on the other hand, drew me right in and had me reaching for my atlas. The human characters – ‘the hardest of them all’ – and the pure and bitter beauty of that frozen world swirl together in the enticing, dangerous cocktail that is the Yukon Quest.”

We set out to bring together and present the most unique, unrehearsed collection of adventures around. To represent a huge variety of endeavours, locations and modes of travel, all linked together through the power of the stories. Communicating the story is the heart of Sidetracked, and of everything we do.


Sidetracked Adventure Travel Magazine is an online journal featuring a collection of personal stories of adventure travel, exploration, journeys and expeditions. The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire.

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