Le Mal D'Archive / La Chanson de la Clandestinitè CD
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Le Mal D'Archive / La Chanson de la Clandestinitè CD


La Chanson de l'souterraines (the song of the underground) recalls the 45 turns of the past, and wants to evoke the cold of winter in summer. The disc is a kind of self-recovery disc "La Chanson de Mai", with the addition of "Le souterraines", a song which the title to work.
A May, not one of mythical Paris'68 song by the great, but a simple, real, whatever, May'94, as a memorial and all the mythicalnonsense of the past. That of Le Mal d'Archive is an epic all-day engineering kitch condensed in 23 minutes.

All the Traks were composed,recorded and produced by Pasquale Napolitano and Felice Acierno from August 2008 from July 2009 to the Sec_ Studio in Casamarciano(Naples) – Italy

Felice Acierno: laptop, guitar, Microkorg;
Pasquale Napolitano[a.k.a. Traum Welt_]: laptop, noises, visual,programming
Sec_: analogic synth and processed trumpet in "La Chanson de Mai ‘94" and post-production
Mario Gabola: processed saxophone in “La Chanson des


01. O m o n i m e
02. La Chanson de Noel/1
03. La Canson de Mai ‘94
04. La Chanson de Noel/2
05. La Canson des Larmes
06. L a C l a n d e s t i n i t à