Nisei 23 / Bare Bones EP
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Nisei 23 / Bare Bones EP


Nisei23 releases are like buses, nothing for ages and then two come along. "Bare Bones" is the third EP on Lona Records and shows a progression from the "Milenka" & "Kanza" EPs The beats are stronger and harder and the guitars are more defined, especially on the title track and the epic "We Make You (Green)" which mixes IDM with MBV/Sonic Youth style experimentation. Only "Sakura" is a throwback to the eerie ambience of the first two EPs .

All music written and produced by Nisei 23
Recorded in Bangkok, Thailand between August 2208 and March 2009.
Dedicated to those who were made green.
Cover Model Vanessa


01. Bare Bones
02. In Minor motion
03. Sakura
04. We make You (Green)