Gill De La Tourette / ...nodding aquaintances to be sure... (limited 50 cdr)
  • 演出者Gill De La Tourette
  • 商品類型 另類
  • 出品地Hong Kong
  • 碟數1
  • 格式CD
  • 重量(千克)0.08kg
  • ISBND19631


Gill De La Tourette / ...nodding aquaintances to be sure... (limited 50 cdr)


Gill de la tourette, audio-visual/installation artist,real name steven tevels born 1972 at Brussels,Belgium. Inspired by the glorious "radio- and thereminage ",he decide to build his own G.S.R.(galvanic skin response) laboratory instrumentation. These crackleboxes are analogue "touch and pressure" sensitive analogue lo/fi devices based on medical electronic circuits. Circuitbent finger board interfaces that could translate human touch and gesture into the sound and vision world. The handling of physical effort is part of universal language. In case of,the listener can feel the performer's touch and recognize the physical and mental effort. In fact,G.D.L.T. connects his body (like a human electronic resistor) between these self-made devices and a unit of effektmodules. He generates minimal clicks, glitches,radionoise and fragmented cuts. So,the listener must be able to savour hissing static noise, broken samples and sometimes almost unending distortion. G.D.L.T. will challenge the contemporary concept about what is called music, melody or blissful noise. Embarked on a search for an unique artform, he decide, on a blue monday, to quit with everything before and start to sound in a totally different way. Steven works in the intersticial space between the physical and digital world. His idea was to create something like an anti-synthese, an audible and visible reproduction of mental energy, an extreme form of free audio-visual experience. Electricity as sound versus mental heal proces. Someone who controls, tweaks and navigates lost electronic sounds into cosmic dimensions.


01. Lost In Translations 9:12
02. Lisa's Party 2:34
03. In Want You To Know What It Is... 6:49
04. Seelebrennt 1:18