Master of the House (Blu-ray + DVD)
  • 導演Carl Theodor Dreyer
  • 主演Johannes Meyer, Astrid Holm, Mathilde Nielsen
  • 電影類型 其他歐洲電影
  • 語言 未定義
  • 字幕 英語
  • 年份1925
  • 片長107mins分鐘
  • 碟數2
  • 格式Blu-ray
  • 區碼Bluray A區
  • 重量(千克)0.18kg
  • ISBN715515114813


Master of the House (Blu-ray + DVD)

Master of the House (Blu-ray + DVD) (1925)


Before he got up close and personal with Joan of Arc, the Danish cinema genius Carl Theodor Dreyer (Vampyr) fashioned this finely detailed, ahead-of-its-time examination of domestic life. In this heartfelt story of a housewife who, with the help of a wily nanny, turns the tables on her tyrannical husband, Dreyer finds lightness and humor; it's a deft comedy of revenge that was an enormous box-office success and is considered an early example of feminism on-screen. Constructed with the director's customary meticulousness and stirring sense of justice, Master of the House is a jewel of silent cinema.