E.S.T/Seven Days of Falling   CD
  • 出品地Germany
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  • 格式CD
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E.S.T/Seven Days of Falling CD


     Seven Days of Falling is every bit the equal of E.S.T.'s earlier records. Misguided American media comparisons to the highly overrated the Bad Plus have done pianist Esbjörn Svensson, bassist Dan Berglund, and drummer Magnus Ostrom a grave disservice, as their music is far more wide-ranging and much less gimmicky. Despite occasional forays into rock influences like "O.D.R.I.P." and a few brief passages that skirt the edges of outside free improv, there's an elegance and shapeliness to the trio's work that has more in common with the cerebral cool of Bill Evans (particularly on the quietly gorgeous opener "Ballad for the Unborn") or the effortless melodic grace of the Vince Guaraldi Trio ("Evening in Atlantis," "Believe, Beleft, Below"). Seven Days of Falling is a ravishingly beautiful, musically captivating album. Bonus track alert: hidden after the nervy "O.D.R.I.P." is the Sinatra-like ballad "Love Is Real," featuring guest vocals from Josh Haden, son of Charlie and brother of Petra.


1 Ballad For The Unborn 5:31
2 Seven Days Of Falling 6:29
3 Mingle In The Mincing-Machine 6:48
4 Evening In Atlantis 0:55
5 Did They Ever Tell Cousteau 6:02
6 Believe, Beleft, Below 4:51
7 Elevation Of Love 6:46
8 In My Garage 4:16
9 Why She Couldn't Come 6:32
10 O.D.R.I.P. 8:19
10h Love Is Real 5:00