Glissandro 70/ Glissandro 70 CD
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Glissandro 70/ Glissandro 70 CD


Glissandro 70 is the studio project of Craig Dunsmuir and Sandro Perri. They are based in Toronto, and their debut album was written by Dunsmuir with Perri and produced by Perri with Dunsmuir. Their self-titled debut album is thus far their only specifically duo collaboration to date. However the two continue to cross paths and instruments at various times and in various projects.

Craig's primary solo musical moniker is Kanada 70, with a steady stream of terrific CD-R releases under that name over the past decade.  He has also played bass in Currently In These United States, Celestino, Kid Sniper, Eudora, Nouns, Anglers Arms and the rock-band incarnation of Polmo Polpo. Past home-burned whims include CD-Rs by CD Piks, Danger Figure Centre and The Craig Dunsmuir Kanada 70 Solo Guitarkestra.

Sandro Perri is a musician and producer best known for his work as Polmo Polpo. His debut came in 1999 via his own Audi Sensa label, followed by a steady trickle of releases on Alien8 Recordings, intr_version, Constellation and Supesharu (recently as Continuous Dick). He also played lap-steel in Great Lake Swimmers, and has guested on and produced records too numerous to mention. He has to-date released two records (Plays Polmo Polpo and Tiny Mirrors) for Constellation under his own name and is currently at work on a third.


    Something     2:45
    Analogue Shantytown     6:25
    Bolan Muppets     6:53
    Portugal Rua Rua     7:07
    End West     13:14