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G&A - Mallette Large Walnut


green & associates (HK) Ltd.


Simplicity is our basic focus for aesthetics. Established in 1994, green & associates (HK) Ltd, a design and manufacturing company has
started off from the trendy photo frame productions to design-oriented desktop stationery collections and household items.
Our company is renowned for innovation and know how, bringing vivid colours, convenience and creativity to life. Award winning designs are originated from supportive team of energetic designers as well as experienced engineers.
In the new era, strong research and development (R&D) on materials and production methods are highly significant in improving the products’ appearance, durability and minimizing the environment impacts, which our company believed in and most of us concern about.
Since 2009, serving as the pioneer in product design industry, we have begun to introduce and develop green household products, such as brushes with recycled pomace and bio-degradable compound, tumblers and bathroom sets made of recycled- glass, natural sisal brooms…. By smart reuse, recycle and regenerate wastes, objects are reborn in form of our refine and harmonious design, diverting us into a green and eco-sustainable world.
We do believe good design make lives better.

簡單,就是我們對美的基本著眼點。哲藝(香港)有限公司於1994 年成立,是一間設計及生產公司。
我們以相框製作起家,其後以簡約和具時尚感的設計概念為主導,打造一系列的桌面文具和家居用品。著名於創新及設計的運用,我們擅長把鮮豔的用色、便利性及創造力融入生活。部分產品更獲得德國著名的紅點設計大獎 (red dot design award) 。這都是源自我們的設計團隊,包括積極年青的設計師和經驗豐富的工程師,驅使我們創作更多嶄新和卓越的產品。在現今世代,眾所周知,物料的研究與發展(R&D)和生產方法對改善產品的外觀,耐用性和環境污染有顯著的影響力,而這正正是我們的公司最為關注的。
自 2009 年起,作為產品設計行業的先鋒者,我們開始引進綠色家居用品。例如,以回收的蘋果渣和生物降解的化合物製成的刷子,用再生玻璃所整的杯子和浴室套裝,以天然劍麻作掃帚,更與不同單位推行再生計劃等等。只要好好利用再用和循環回收的技術,並配合細密精煉的設計,廢料絕對能再次給予新生命,引領我們進入一個綠色和生態可持續發展的世界。因為,我們相信良好的設計使生活更美好。