Wanee and Junah 戀愛素描 DVD
  • 導演Kim Yong-gyun 金容均
  • 主演金喜善, 朱鎮模, 曹承佑
  • 電影類型 韓國電影
  • 出品地Hong Kong
  • 語言 韓語
  • 字幕 繁體中文 英語
  • 片長114分鐘
  • 碟數1
  • 格式DVD
  • 區碼DVD三區
  • 重量(千克)0.15kg
  • ISBN03EDVD18


Wanee and Junah 戀愛素描 DVD

Wanee and Junah 戀愛素描 DVD



Wanee, a promising animator, and Junah, a fresh scriptwriter are live-in lovers in their mid twenties. their life stays peaceful though tainted with a hint of loneliness, until one day...A short visit by an old friend triggers Wanee's aching memories of her first love - her stepbrother. With realistic characters, delicate emotions, and a short enticing animated prologue and epilogue, this heart-warming story describes the conquering difficulties of contemporary couples in love and work.