Kim_Nasung / Objects & Things CD
  • 出品地Hong Kong
  • 碟數1
  • 格式CD
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  • ISBND19555


Kim_Nasung / Objects & Things CD


 Exploring world inside the closet,
walking through silver-grey streets city...
Fog asking questions, rain bringing answers...
A combination of noise and musique concrete,
sonic experiments,
explorations of any kind of music sources...


Mateusz Bakala - an artist exploring the fields of the experimental music, noise, musique concrete and field recordings; cooperating with IHM Records, is one of the foundators of the Mind Twisting Records. At present, active on the local Lublin experimental music’ scene. Also among the Dragonfly Thoughts project, which explores the abilities given by the use of acoustic instruments ( saxophone, gongs, flutes, etc.) along with electronics.

Among others, he performed with Zavoloka ( UKR ), Emiter ( PL ), XVP ( PL ), Thaw ( PL ), Ann on bast ( PL ), Jacaszek ( PL ), Fenschu ( FR ). The artists with whom he coopereates come from all over the world: Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Chile, Italy, France, etc.

" Objects & Things " is a recording of three night performances, which constitute one, from one perspective, unity. However, from the opposite point of view, it is a scattered, seemingly unfinished, independent material... Extensive use of the kitchen equipment: pots, mugs, plates, pans, and glasses, aided by noise generator. All these from the fascination by the possibilities created by the objects around us.


1. Objects & Things (19:49)

Mixed and Produced by Kim_Nasung