Project 37
  • 作者 Katie Ho
  • 原文作者何穎琦
  • 書籍類型
  • 出版社Katie Ho
  • 出版語言中英對照
  • 出版日期 (格式: 2012/02/28)2017/
  • 尺寸120 x 120 mm
  • 裝幀平裝
  • 重量(千克)0.01kg
  • ISBNM24074044


Project 37



These drawings are about Chin-chin.
Chin-chin is a stray cat, abandoned by her mother at just two weeks old. Her front limbs are missing a segment, making them abnormally short. The muscle around her mouth is missing too, pulling her mouth into a permanent curve as if she’s smiling. Maybe her mother knew she wouldn’t survive the tough environment of the street, so she left her on a dark corner to be rescued by a towel shop owner. Two months and many posts on Facebook later, Chin-chin came home with me. 
She is weird, stinky, deformed, her two ears are misplaced like a rabbit. She stands on two feet like a dinosaur, walks like a lizard, meows like a human yawning. But when you look at her little smiling face, even though you know it’s a fake smile, you can’t help but be drawn in. And when you do look, you see the mysterious universe inside the abnormally large dark pupils.
Adopt. Don’t shop. Just like you cannot choose your family members and you can never imagine how much love and pleasure you can get in return.



在2015年完成了澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學的藝術碩士課程。作品在敍述故事的不同片段,這些作品乍看是獨立完整的個體,湊合在一起時卻可串連成複雜、多元的經歷。觀者可以將不同作品自我串連,拼湊出獨特觀點去闡釋她的世界 — 一個充滿想像、幽默感、熱忱和人性的空間。

其作品曾在世界各地展出,包括:澳洲、香港、韓國及台灣。畢業後入選參加韓國及台灣的藝術駐村,更獲得南島國際美術獎2016的榮譽獎。何穎琦同時為小劇場設計佈景設計,分別在葵青黑盒劇場及香港藝術中心的麥高利小劇演出。她亦是Hidden Space的創辦人之一。


Katie Ho
completed her MFA with RMIT, Australia in 2015. Her artworks narrate fragments of stories that can be seen as individually complete, but when assembled together construct a more complex, multifaceted experience. They allow for connections across images and forms to show an idiosyncratic view of subjective and real world observations; a view of narrated stories which are imaginative, humorous and most importantly, compassionate and deeply human. 

Ho has exhibited in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. She has been selected for residencies in Korea (2015) and Taiwan (2016), and was a finalist in the 2016 Austronesian International Arts Award, Taiwan. She has also designed stage sets for productions at Kwai Tsing Black Box Theatre, HK, and McAuley Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre. Ho is also the cofounder of Hidden Space, a new artist run initiative.