Dogfight (1991) DVD
  • 出品地USA
  • 語言 英語 法語
  • 字幕 英語 西班牙語
  • 年份1991
  • 片長94 mins分鐘
  • 碟數1
  • 格式DVD
  • 區碼DVD一區
  • 重量(千克)0.12kg
  • ISBN883316690956


  • 購買 1 每件僅需 HK$120 和 保存 10%

Dogfight (1991) DVD

Dogfight (1991) DVD


In 1963, the night before the 18 years old "Birdlace" Eddie and his friends are shipped to Vietnam. They play a dirty game called 'Dogfight': all of them seek a woman for a party, and who finds the most ugly one, wins a prize. Eddie finds the lonesome pacifist Rose working in a coffee shop. She's happy to accompany him - but then she sees through the game. However by this time he already learned to like her, so he follows her home. Will he manage to win her heart despite their differences?