The Whispering Game and 5 Years of b.wing 2004-2008
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  • LanguageEnglish
  • Publication Date2009/01
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  • Page160Page
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The Whispering Game and 5 Years of b.wing 2004-2008

Book Information

b.wing在2009年將發表故事繪本以外的個人專集《The Whispering Game and 5 Years of b.wing 2004-2008》,用圖畫跟讀者回顧過往五年的所思所想,當中有喜有悲,有歡笑有眼淚,有精選也有新作。超過一百頁的作品,與b.wing一起走過香港、日本、台北,用黑黑眼圈看世界。

Author Description


2002,b.wing從英國國立密德薩斯大學畢業,這片有著百年學術淵源的英國學術重地給她 的藝術創作帶去了自由感——創作只要擁有一個核心,就不會拘泥於形式。於是,從倫敦回

到香港的b.wing開始嘗試不同的藝術形式,做過時裝設計師,當過平面設計師......最後, 創作了一個名叫“A”的小男孩,從此打開她的插畫世界,這個小A幫助b.wing迅速在亞洲確立 了自己的藝術地位,短短5,她成為Agnes.bChanel的合作藝術家,儘管內地沒有引進 b.wing的繪本,但這並不妨礙b.wing擴張自己的知名度,因為她的作品幾乎是每家繪本店必 定收藏的人氣讀物。

Graduated from Middlesex University, London, UK
After assisting Fashion Photographer Niall McInerney, b.wing returned to Hong Kong in 1998, when she has worked with a board spectrum of clients in different projects including Retail shops, Shopping Malls, TV Commercials, Art Associations, Newspapers and Magazines. she began her career as a full-time artist in 2003.

In 2003, she held her "rst solo exhibition “ if you don’t want to be perfect, you’ve come to the right place” at agnès b. Librairie Galerie in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei.

The exhibitions were well received by the press and the critics. Her works have been praised for capturing the zeitgeist of her peers, and her hilarious presentations always entertain and touch those who visit her exhibitions.

In 2006, b.wing published her "rst book “I will love you till you die” which was also a huge success and sold out within a month. The book received positive word-of-mouth and soon became collective items among art lovers.

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