Cicada /邊境消逝 Coastland CD
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Cicada /邊境消逝 Coastland CD

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為臺灣這片瑰土譜寫一張專輯是Cicada創作首腦江致潔醞釀多年的夢想,此張《邊境消逝》 正是她走遍臺灣西部沿海,取其詩意,拾景為曲的土地概念專輯。

開場曲<沿著風與沙>以風吹沙似粗礪質地的大提琴破題,輔以中提琴、小提琴幽緩聲線, 頗得信步沙洲之意境。<當群鳥掠過天邊>以清澈透明的鋼琴琴音,撥雲見日,海天一色,絃樂群 勾勒群鳥齊飛翱翔的姿態,振翼的意象,煞是動人。在以綿密絃樂群描繪雲林成龍溼地柔軟質地的<在海與土地之間>,還有用冷靜筆觸觀照沿海景致的<那些逝者 彎曲的倒影>之後,<當叢花毅然綻放>改採絕望哀傷的情緒,層層交疊出雲林麥寮的現狀,隨著演奏力度不斷增長,一股渴望絕處逢生的韌性,終於綻放希望枝 枒。終曲<匯流向海>雖為內心憂鬱的D小調,卻以強烈的節奏流轉營造鼓舞人心的生命熱力。特別收錄的<浮游在海上的島嶼/潛沈於水下的人們>為三年前那張 驚為天人的EP同名歌曲,這是Cicada以土地議題為創作發想的初衷,也是《邊境消逝》的起點,在新加入中提琴編制後重錄此曲,既是回顧,更是創作者念 茲在茲的自覺。


About "Coastland"

Dedicating an album to the graceful landscapes in Taiwan has always been a dream for Jesy Chiang, the composer and leading member of Cicada. She visited one after another coastal wetlands in western Taiwan and immersed herself in the poetic view and atmosphere which became the inspiration of the new release Coastland. The opening track "Flying Sands" starts with a coarse and grainy bass line with violas and violins joining later. The upbeat "Flapping Wings" features the crystal-esque sound of the piano and high soaring sounds of the string instruments mimicking a flock of birds flying across scattered clouds. The continuous and tender melody of the string instruments in "Close to Wetland" embodies the softness of Cheng Long Wetlands in Yunlin County. In " Withered Reflection", the western coastal view in Taiwan is musically depicted with a gentle touch, while the next song, " Blooms in Dark", is overwhelmed with despair and sadness. The music carrying such complex emotions builds up and paints the silhouette of Mailiao, Yunlin County. It allows listeners to catch a glimpse of hope as the song proceeds. Despite the melancholy composition in D minor, the last number "into the Ocean" sends encouraging energy by its strong and flowing rhythm. The bonus track "Over the Sea/Under the Water" was the first song of Cicada released in the first EP three years ago. It was inspired by environmental issues in Taiwan and became the starting point of Coastland. After the new violist joined the band, this track was re-arranged and re-recorded in the new album to remind their original intention.

The concept behind the music and the performance in Coastland are exquisite, profound, and grand ── fans of classical music, chamber music and independent music will all relate. A truly extraordinary conceptual album that will be on repeat by those of who devote their love to Taiwan.

Song List

1.沿著風與沙 Flying Snads 01:22        
2.當羣鳥掠過天邊 Flapping Wings 06:08    
3.在海與土地之間 Close to Wetland 05:30
4.那些逝者彎曲的倒影 Withered Reflection 01:19
5.當叢花毅然綻放 Blooms in Dark 08:35        
6.匯流向海 into the Ocean 08:48
7.浮游在海上的島嶼/潛沉於水下的人們 Over the Sea/Under the Water 06:48