Dj Sniff / Europa (recd010) CD
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Dj Sniff / Europa (recd010) CD

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Liner notes of the album:
This recording is the tail end of a musical trajectory that began 7 years ago in Amsterdam.

I lived and worked at an unique center where European Avant-garde ideology was infused with technological experimentation. There I was able to immerse myself in a very personal pursuit of music, while an international network of dedicated musicians, venues, and festivals gave me opportunities to perform within the well kept traditions of Free Improvisation and Live Electronics.

   When I once asked saxophonist Akira Sakata what it was like to tour Europe for the first time in 1974 with Yosuke Yamashita and Takeo Moriyama, he recounted “We played every gig like a battle, and we won every single one of them.” Their album from that year, Clay is always in my record bag like a Japanese amulet.

   The vinyl used in this recording are some of the weapons I collected over the years in attempt to win my own battles. The crackles and hiss you hear are the scars from every live moment each vinyl has relived since their original recording date.

   These records are reconstructed through a computer-based system that originated from one simple idea; sample and playback sounds in a continuous movement of the crossfader. Rob Hordijk’s pleasantly unpredictable handmade synthesizer, the Blippoo Box, was added later to this setup.

   The music that I have developed is repetitive, jittery, and fixated on variations of short musical phrases. It occurred to me later that my explorations traced the works of Austrian experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold’s, which I had encountered in my early 20‘s. Arnold’s method of creating new meanings through the process of working with found footage on the material level must have provided a pretext to what I considered an experimental practice in arts.

   “Second part of a trilogy, what’s to be left incomplete?” (Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka)

   As I write this text from my new home in Hong Kong, the beliefs and obsessions I held during my time in Europe seem to gradually drift away into the excessive urban noise and grueling humidity. However what doesn’t fade are the memories of the people who welcomed us into their lives and generously looked after our well-being. I utterly owe my experience to everyone at STEIM.

September 2013
Hong Kong
dj sniff

Song List
Europa Part 1 19:27 Europa Part 2 23:25