Snoblind/Musica Di Digitalia CD
  • CountryHong Kong
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  • FormatCD
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Snoblind/Musica Di Digitalia CD

Product Information
Snoblind was formed in Hong Kong in 2002 by Regina Chang (ex-M2R) and Vincent Wong. The two members, who happened to play bass and guitar get hooked up and started make music with their computers. What started as a water-fountain conversation joke project blossomed into a full fledge on-going sonic and visual experiment. Taking their cues from their respective formative musical years, Snoblind combined traditional rock instruments with computers, samplers and other electronic effects to create an expressive blend of music.
Song List

         1     Test Project
        2     Tyler Durden
        3     Walking Impression
        4     Garage Rock
        5     Scene 03
        6     Space Time Discontinumm
        7     Rock Noggin' Beat
        8     Which Way to Home
        9     Fh_3Pm
        10     Electric Collaboratay
        11     Synthetic Push
        12     Infested Killswitch
        13     Urgentocide