Stealstealground/ Stealstealground CD
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Stealstealground/ Stealstealground CD

Product Information
Formed at the end of 2003. Sibling band. "Stealstealground" is a literal meaning of "secretly" in chinese.
Song List

01. Welcome To Sealstealground
02. Bad Waves Of Paranoia (Part 1)
03. One Inch (Ainoarap Fo Sevaw Dab)
04. Air Guitar
05. Merry-Go-Round
06. Cross Your Heart
07. Swimming Bird
08. It's Morning, Don't Be Sad
09. Building Landside
10. Big Latiin
11. Bad News Of Paranoia (Part 2-Lend Me A Tambourine)
12. The Grass Is Always Green, Your Face Is Blue