Exitmusic / Passage CD
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Exitmusic / Passage CD

Product Information
Brooklyn, NY's Exitmusic comprised of Devon Church and Aleksa Palladino (of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire") present their debut album, Passage. Passage is a collection of newly-written songs and some of their older tunes that received some new coats of paint. Here, the two tethers that make up Exitmusic's sound one stirring atmospherics, one of grandioise and thoughtful pop are let to bow further out than before. They are, however, also pulled into a tighter, sharper knot at the center.
Song List

1. Passage
2. The Night
3. The City
4. White Noise
5. Storms
6. The Wanting
7. Stars
8. The Modern Age
9. The Cold
10. Sparks of Light