Eric Chenaux / Guitar & Voice
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Eric Chenaux / Guitar & Voice

Product Information

The album is a spatial experience. On excellent opener Amazing Backgrounds, jarring distortion buzzes in centre field before giving way to a pastoral, gentle ballad with ringing-out chords. Simple/Frontal is angular and sideways, while Dull Lights (White Or Grey) is moody, patient and jazzy.

Chenaux’s nylon-string guitar lines shape-shift to fill in for bass, piano, banjo, theremin and electric guitar. Though he calls all the songs ballads, the instrumentals often sound like primers or exploration. I prefer the four tunes with lyrics, since his soft, sweeping vocal melodies give structure to the chords.

Song List

1     Amazing Backgrounds         
2     Simple/Frontal         
3     Dull Lights (White Or Grey)         
4      Sliabh Aughty         
5     Le Nouveau Favori         
6     Put In Music         
7     Genitalia Domestique         
8     However Wildly We Dream         
9     Glitzing For Stephen Parkinson