Jetso 和 community+ 會員, 您們好:

我們會在此不時發佈給持有以上任一會籍的朋友在kubrick web shop 享有額外優惠,要多留意啊!

在此頁內見到有合心水的工作坊或貨品的話,就查查有沒有收到由 發出有關kubrick的 或 kubrick community+ newsletter 發出的資訊電郵,細閱一下,就可找到優惠劵代碼,在網上報名以下的工作坊,可幫自已省點錢呢!
(小貼士:我們給你的優惠券代碼,只要分單交易,就可多用幾次。而同時報讀十二月份的「SCAE咖啡品鑒與味覺體驗基礎課程」的三個單元,雖能只用優惠券一次, 但在這網上銷售系統,即時顯示可多享HK$300 的折扣優惠。)

There are some workshops or goods with special offer to the members who either is the member of or kubrick community+.  If you are the member, you will find a privilege coupon code in the email that about kubrick co-workshops sent by or kubrick community+ newsletter. This can be used when you register either one of the below listed workshops at our web shop.

Have fun with us!!!




*今期發送kubrick Jetso 優惠券代碼在2015年11月發送, 將在於2015/12/06停用。

* community+ 會員指登記了 的會員。REGISTER NOW!
 community+ member is the one who has registered the membership on

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