Mar 2013
Poetry Society
  • Date2013.3.23 (Sat)
  • Time3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
  • Venue電影中心 一樓
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Kubrick Poetry • March • Circle of Love

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At birth, we arrive on the earth somewhat blank. As we grow, we learn knowledge and how to make friends. Time passes, and we enter society and start a career. Maybe it is then that we realize that life is a circle of love, that we are moving from one loop to another, some liked, others not. We connect people from the various stages of our lives, and also disconnect. We make smaller circles, then bigger, bigger. Sometimes, bigger than the imagination.


In March, we offer a manifestation of the circle of love. Madeleine, after moving to live in New Zealand, is coming back to Hong Kong for a month. Steve Schroeder is also visiting Hong Kong from Chicago. They were both born in the United States, but it is in poetry where they met, and now meet again, to share ideas on connections, circles and love.



Madeleine Slavick has campaigned against poverty, taught secondary school, assisted unemployed people, raised funds for an environmental agency, counseled youth, published books, assisted homebound elderly people, and exhibited her photography in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

She writes and photographs every day at her blog: http://touchingwhatilove.blogspot.com/



Steven Schroeder is an American poet and philosopher who currently lives and writes in Chicago. His most recent poetry collections are Turn and (with David Breeden) Raging for the Exit. A bilingual collection of selected poems written in the Pearl River Delta during several years of teaching at Shenzhen University (Chinese translations by Sou Vai Keng and Song Zijiang) is coming soon from ASM Macao.

Website: http://stevenschroeder.org